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OSBS Portfolios

OSBS Portfolio is diverse that includes Commercial Radio Stations, Community Radio stations, agriculture knowledge dissemination system, turnkey radio projects in Ethiopia, Nepal and many countries, sattelite systems, and many more. Some of the pictures of installations are given below:

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Om Strategic Broadcast Solution is a registered Private Limited Company in India incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956. OSBS, as known by all our clients, was founded in 2004. At OSBS, we draw on the extensive experience of our staff gained in the advanced technologies employed within the Broadcasting, Entertainment and IT industries. What makes OSBS a leader in the field of broadcasting, communication and IT is our innate ability to provide a one-stop integrated turnkey service, tailored to meet the exact needs of our clients. OSBS is very adamant that it provides the correct solutions to clients at the most effective cost without compromising on quality.

Through the outstanding quality of our product ranges and strategic alliances with our local and international suppliers, we are able to provide a full range of services such as, system design, project management, turn-key solutions, maintenance contracts and consultation to the analogue and digital television, radio, satellite and audio visual worlds.

Our portfolio consists of:

  • Advisory & Consultancy services for Business Plans, getting bank credits, licensing etc.

  • Providing training and assistance in programme production (audio, video & multimedia) Photo taken at Finote Salem, Ethiopia during training.

OSBS Studio

  • Planning, design, procurement of equipment, installation, testing, commissioning, training of personnel, assistance in program production, for setting up Agriculture Knowledge Dissemination System in Bihar.
  • our installations

      Total broadcast strategy and commercial radio station installation for Kushal Globals, Jaipur

      Studio at Ajmer

    • Commercial FM studio at Ajmer

      Studio at Ajmer

    • Commercial FM Transmitter at Jodhpur

      Total broadcast strategy and commercial radio station installation for Khatpat Radio, Dhangarhi, Nepal

      Studio at Dhangarhi

    • Commercial FM studio at Dhangarhi, Nepal

    our production

    Our specialization is in producing audio, video, multimedia content especially for documentries and 4 quadrant e-content for education. Some samples are given below:

  • Provides content for CRS and radio stations including educational 4 quadrant e-content.
  • Software development for Indian and International Market.